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Lisa M


Create The Success You Want!

Lisa Barton is an author, a podcast host, a public speaker, a management consultant, and a coach, but mostly notably, Lisa is an extremely passionate and dynamic leader known for her management consulting work across multiple industries spanning numerous Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies.  The youngest woman to be awarded an Air Force Commendation Medal while at Fairchild Air Force Base, Lisa Barton has long been an incredible, sharp, practical, results driven leader.  She is not only an extremely outspoken voice on accountability and empathy in leadership, but she's also an advocate for women in leadership.  Whether you are trying to improve the leadership of your organization, create high functioning teams, or develop your own voice as a leader, Lisa has the tools to help!

Through her extensive study of leadership, high functioning teams, human and organizational psychology, as well as her own experiences in corporate America, Lisa sees growth and development through a unique lens which has helped her to be tremendously successful as a Success Coach!  Her experience paired with her candid, straight shooter, objective, practical approach to coaching have been credited with the success of her clients, and her genuine, deep felt, passion for people keeps her clients coming back.

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